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BioSelenium 5 10 L


A high-quality selenium solution that increases the grass’s selenium levels and thus effectively combats selenium deficiency in grass-eating animals.

SUPER ADJUVANTS have been added to optimise both the absorption and effect of the added nutrients.


Apply BioSelenium 5 in the amount of 1 L/ha 2–3 times in the period between late May and late August.

BioSelenium 5 cannot be mixed with pesticides or other fertilisers.



Before application, mix BioSelenium 5 with an amount of water corresponding to 100–200 L/ha.

Because the product is absorbed through the leaves, it is beneficial to have good plant cover.


Handling and storage

Warning. Keep BioSelenium 5 out of the reach and sight of children.

When handling, wear protective gloves and eye protection.

EUH210 Safety data sheet available on request.

EUH208 Contains sodium selenite. May produce an allergic reaction.

Gr. per ltr. Weight %
Se 5,00
Density 1,11
pH 10,87