BioNutria Cobalt 30 10 L


Highly concentrated cobalt fertilizer that effectively remedies and prevents cobalt deficiency. The cobalt is immediately plant-accessible and quickly absorbed by the plants.

BioNutria Cobalt 30 is an authorised non-organic product that can be used in organic farming in accordance with EU Regulation 848/2018.


BioNutria Cobalt 30 is used to ensure that neither domestic animals (primarily ruminants) nor tuber bacteria lack cobalt.


We recommend fertilising all crops used for ruminants with 1 L BioNutria Cobalt 30 per hectare (2.47 acres).


Tuber bacteria

For plant species that have symbiosis with tuber bacteria, such as alfalfa, peas, clover, vetch, lupin, etc., apply 1 L/ha BioNutria Cobalt 30. At the same time, we recommend adding 0.1 litres of BioMo 120 / BioNutria Mo 120.

Note that we assume no liability for any mixture with other fertilisers or pesticides. Before mixing with one or more pesticides, it is advisable to make a small test solution.

BioNutria Denmark will not be responsible for the effect of mixtures and guarantees only the content of -BioNutria Cobalt 30.


Apply the fertilisers, for example, in combination with micronutrients from BioNutria and/or a nitrogen fertiliser with Bio NS 15-2 or Bio NS 15-2 Carbon.

These combinations ensure the best and safest absorption of the nutrients.

Handling and storage

BioNutria Cobalt 30 must be stored in a frost-free environment and out of the reach of children.

When handling, you must wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Gr. per ltr. Weight %
Co 30,00 2,78
Density 1,081
pH 6,01