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BioNutria Denmark develops, manufactures and markets the most complete and comprehensive fertiliser range ever made of liquid micronutrients and trace elements for agriculture.


If, contrary to expectations, you require micronutrients and trace elements not covered by our standard products, we will gladly formulate a fertiliser that suits your needs and wishes. Minimum purchase of 1000 L.


All our micronutrients and trace elements are formulated as true solutions based on the absolute finest and purest raw materials. As the only ones on the market, our fertilisers have low pH values, built-in complex binder, and naturally contain adjuvants to optimise plant absorption of the nutrients. Not for BioNutria Bor 150, however.


In short ... BioNutria Denmark is the only manufacturer where the raw materials and added adjuvants used precisely follow the recommendations of the leading researchers in the field.


The fertilisers also have unrivalled miscibility and can be mixed with almost all herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. If you are unsure about miscibility, please contact us or see the menu item Mixing Chart.


With our products, you have the best options for a better economy in breeding plants. Due to the low price and the very high effect of the products. Due to the high miscibility and saved delivery costs.