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BioCobber 70 10 L


Effectively eliminates and prevents copper deficiency in  any crop.

Special formulation with a very high content of immediately plant-accessible copper and sulphur.


Use BioCopper 70 in all crops as preventive treatment against copper deficiency.


Note that we assume no liability for any mixture with other fertilisers or pesticides. Before mixing with one or more pesticides, it is advisable to make a small test solution.

BioNutria Denmark assumes no liability for the effect of mixtures and guarantees only the content of BioCopper 70.



The recommended dose is 1–2 L/ha. Mix BioCopper 70 with the amount of water needed.

Because the product is absorbed through the leaves, it is beneficial to have good plant cover.

Handling and storage

Warning. Keep BioCopper 70 out of the reach and sight of children.

When handling, wear protective gloves and eye protection.


  • Also supplied in 1000 liter container
Gr. per ltr. Weight %
Total N 20,06 1,70
CO(NH2)2 20,06 1,70
S 35,64 3,02
Cu 70,80 6,00
Density 1,18 1,18
pH 3,21 3,21