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BioNutria Boron 150 10 L


Liquid boron solution for use with all crops. The fertiliser is characterised by its high content of boron (B).

Made of the very best raw materials permitted for organic use.

BioNutria Boron 150 is an authorised non-organic product that can be used in organic farming in accordance with EU Regulation 848/2018.

BioNutria Boron 150 can be mixed with a product from the BioCrop series / BioNutria Opti series (organic farming). If manganese is needed, we recommend BioMangan 170 NSP because of the fertiliser’s naturally very low pH / BioNutria Mangan series (organic farming). This lets you spray both boron and manganese and, if desired, other micronutrients and trace elements in the same spray solution.

Note that we assume no liability for any mixture with other fertilisers or pesticides. Before mixing with one or more pesticides, it is advisable to make a small test solution.

BioNutria Denmark will not be responsible for the effect of mixtures, but guarantees only the content of BioNutria Boron 150.


Use BioNutria Bor Boron 150 as needed. Recommended dosage: 1-3 L per ha.


BioNutria Bor Boron  is to be used in a quantity of liquid of 100-200 l / ha.


1. Water

2. BioCrop OptiP / BioNutria OptiXL*

3. BioMangan 170 NSP/ BioNutria Mangan 170 S*

4. BioNutria Boron 150

*for organic farming

If you are also adding a pesticide – regardless of the type – it is important to read our guidelines at

Handling and storage

BioNutria Boron 150 must be stored in a frost-free environment and out of the reach of children.

When handling, you must wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Where there is insufficient air extraction, you must wear a breathing mask when spraying.

  • Also supplied in 1000 liter container
Gr. per ltr. Weight %
B 150,00 11,03
Density 1,36 1,36
pH 8,10 8,10