How to use BioNutria microntrients

Here you will find our recommendations for the use of our products in the crops cultivated most. When using the list, you should be aware of the following:


All doses are indicated in litres per hectare (L/ha).

  • The application times specified are guidelines. Efforts have been made to target times when treatment of individual crops are already planned.
  • Our products are generally very miscible with other agricultural chemicals. On our website, you will also find mixing tests.
  • On areas predisposed to copper deficiency or where copper supply from other fertiliser sources is insufficient, BioCrop Opti and BioMangan should be supplemented with BioKobber 70.
  • If you have a skewed ratio between potassium and magnesium, or if you have a general magnesium deficiency, BioMagnesium 60 can be added to BioCrop Opti and BioMangan.
  • Manganese doses are adapted to medium manganese requirements. If you have very manganese-sensitive soil, increase the dose by 1 L/ha or add additional applications of 2 L/ha.
  • For organic crops, we have put together a fertiliser series of permitted non-organic macronutrients, micronutrients and trace elements that can be used in organic agricultural production in accordance with current EU regulations. See the organic fertilisers here.

If you need a recommendation on crops other than those listed here, please feel free to contact our agroteam.

Jeff Madsen                      +45 28 15 90 88
Jonas Lundby.                    +45 28 25 90 89
Troels Paaske Ingwersen  +45 61 46 90 87
Jens Erik Pust                    +45 28 80 90 86