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BioNutria Iron 75 10 L


Highly concentrated iron fertiliser.

Effectively corrects and prevents iron deficiency in all crops.

BioNutria Iron 75 is an authorised non-organic product that can be used in organic farming in accordance with EU Regulation 848/2018.


BioNutria Iron 75 is made from the best and most plant-absorbing raw materials, which quickly and effectively remedy iron deficiency in plants.


Recommended dosage: 1-1.5 L/ha. Treatment can be repeated 2–5 times during the season.

Treatment with BioNutria Iron 75 is most needed in spinach, flowers, fruits and berries, but as iron helps to increase the sugar content and colour of the crop, it can also be used in other crops.

Note that we assume no liability for any mixture with other fertilisers or pesticides. Before mixing with one or more pesticides, it is advisable to make a small test solution.

BioNutria Denmark will not be responsible for the effect of mixtures and guarantees only the content of BioNutria Iron 75.

Handling and storage

BioNutria Iron 75 must be stored in a frost-free environment and out of the reach of children.

When handling, you must wear protective gloves and eyewear.


  • Also supplied in 1000 liter container
Gr. per ltr. Weight %
Fe 75,00 6,50
Density 1,20 1,20
pH 1,63 1,63