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BioMo 120 10 L


Highly concentrated molybdenum fertiliser. Effectively remedies and prevents molybdenum deficiency in all crops.

Special formulation with nitrogen and adjuvants for the best possible absorption in the plant.

Super adjuvants have been added to optimise both the absorption and effect of the added nutrients.


BioMo 120 effectively treats molybdenum deficiency in all crops. BioMo 120 is a highly concentrated molybdenum fertiliser made from the best raw materials.

BioMo 120 is formulated with nitrogen and adjuvants to ensure the best possible -absorption in the plant.


The recommended dosage is maximum 0.1 L/ha, which can be repeated in case of severe deficiency and in crops requiring high levels of molybdenum, such as rape and leguminous plants.

Note that we assume no liability for any mixture with other fertilisers or pesticides. Before mixing with one or more pesticides, it is advisable to make a small test -solution.

BioNutria Danmark will not be responsible for the effect of mixtures, but guarantees only the content of BioMo 120.


Handling and storage

BioMo 120 must be stored in a frost-free environment and out of the reach of children.

When handling, you must wear protective gloves and eyewear.


Gr. per ltr. Weight %
Total N 20,00
Mo 119
Density 1,22 1,22
pH 9,79 9,79