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The fertilizer is not a skin irritant but it can cause injury on eye contact..

We therefore recommend the use of protective goggles and gloves each time the fertilizer is used.

Rinse with large quantities of water in the event of an accident.

Seek medical assistance.


Green and Tee

BioGolf® fertilizers are applied with an ordinary field spray with standard distribution nozzles.
To avoid/reduce wind drift and to minimise the risk of singeing, we recommend the use of large drop-nozzles. We recommend watering the fertilised area immediately after application of the fertilizer.



Apply the fertilizer with large drop-nozzles.

The fertilizer should only be applied to dry plants.



BioGolf® fertilizers can normally be mixed with fungicides, insecticides and micronutrients, but a trial mixture should always be prepared in a bucket to test compatibility.

BioNutria Denmark cannot accept liability for the effects of mixtures.



BioGolf® fertilizers contain organic materials in the form of carbohydrates. The fertilizers may therefore change colour on storage, and small quantities of solids may stand out.


Cleaning the nozzle

Clean the spraying equipment with water after use.



BioGolf® fertilizers must be stored in plastic or fibreglass tanks.

The tanks must be kept at a safedistance from wells, drainage outlets and watercourses.

Spillages must be mopped up.