About BioNutria

BioNutria Denmark ApS develops, produces and distributes liquid biological fertilizers formulated as genuine solutions. The fertilizers contain macro- and micronutrients ass well as trace elements, and are formulated on the basis of the companys own biological activators (patent pending).

The companys target group and customers are primarily golf courses and other areas where quality is the critical parameter.


BioNutria Denmarks liquid biological fertilizers promote:

  •  a particularly high level of health in the grass
  •  a favourable relationship between root and leaf growth
  •  an attractive dark green colour in the grass within a maximum of an hour after application
  •  a highly favourable environmental profile

 and finally, the fertilisers can be formulated to cover all individual needs and wishes.


 To emphasise the quality of BioNutria Denmarks products, we guarantee our customers that their money will be refunded if they are not 100% satisfied after correct application.

 BioNutria Denmark is the supplier of liquid fertilizers in Scandinavia which - without comparison - has by far the most experience within development and production of liquid fertilizers. The company is also the biggest supplier of liquid fertilizers to golf courses in Scandinavia.



Kind regards

BioNutria Denmark 
Ove Andersen